Meghan Skiff, Inbound Marketer + Founder

Hi, I’m Meghan!

2014-03-07_14.33.38I’m an inbound marketer. I use the web to help startups and small companies get more business.

Destined to be a marketer, I spent my teenage years listening to Smashing Pumpkins and analyzing product positioning in Seventeen magazine. However, you could say that I got my start when I won third place in my elementary school poster contest, using a celebrity endorsement (Kathy Mattea, not remotely approved) to spread the word about the importance of fire safety.

I tend to question everything in an effort to gain context and get to the bottom of “we’ve always done this” versus “we need to do this.” This innate quality was further developed during my college years at Washington & Jefferson College, a liberal arts school that taught me to embrace my intellectual curiosity.

In graduate school, I learned that bureaucracy isn’t my thing. I like the speed of small organizations and I am inspired by the opportunity to make a quick and powerful impact. That’s where I belong.

My career started in market research, where I learned how to use numbers to tell a story. I then went on to explore roles in marketing communications and marketing management, where I utilized marketing strategy to build and execute successful campaigns and programs.

Seeing the opportunities for small organizations to build brand and connect with customers shifted my focus toward content marketing and social media marketing. This led me to inbound marketing. If you want traffic, leads, and sales, this is the way to go. I founded Mixy Marketing to provide inbound marketing services that help startups and small companies use the web to grow their business. For more detailed information on my career path, check out my LinkedIn profile – and don’t forget to send me an invitation to connect!

Enough about me, let’s talk about you. If you are curious to see how Mixy can help your company, click here to schedule a free inbound marketing consultation with me today!

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